Certified Bedbug Teams

Please note that all certified NESDCA teams are listed by the state of their corporate headquarters for reference purposes only.

NESDCA is a certifying organization and the NESDCA certification is valid in any and all locations where the listed certified teams may legally conduct business.

NESDCA does not require that a dog team be employed by a Pest Control Firm. Local or Federal Laws may dictate otherwise. It is the Team Handlers responsibility to ensure they work and inspect in accordance with the law.

NESDCA Bedbug Seal

If you wish to be evaluated for Certification prior to our next scheduled time, please FILL OUT the appropriate form.


HandlerDog(s)Cert. DateCompanyCompany HQCountry
Anibal MejiaRocky03/21/2024Western Exterminator CompanyCAUSA
James TagueBohdi03/21/2024Western Exterminator CompanyCAUSA
Julian VazquezMater06/15/2023Western Exterminator CompanyCAUSA
Oscar ZunigaMater06/15/2023Western Exterminator CompanyCAUSA
Cathy PalmerThelma10/05/2023Scentsational HoundsCOUSA
Jill MeyerEllie10/05/2023Harlem River HoundsCTUSA
Alex HernandezIsaac12/07/2023Pro K9 PlusCTUSA
Alexander MendozaShep05/03/2024Springer Professional Home ServicesIAUSA
Robert DeCarloMurdock05/03/2024Springer Professional Home ServicesIAUSA
Emma GrossZephyr05/03/2024TerminixIAUSA
Caleb ShermanGuiness05/03/2024Presto-XILUSA
Ed SzablewskiQuinn04/15/2024Trinity K-9 Bed Bug Detection Services LLCILUSA
Shelby BuonoSparrow09/20/2023McMahon ExterminatingINUSA
Karen WoodsBuddy04/15/2024Precision Canine Bed Bug Detection ServicesINUSA
Katherine PorterRaven05/03/2024Katherine PorterKSUSA
Clayton TacheJasper05/18/2023American K-9 Private InvestigatorsMAUSA
Michael N TacheCharlie05/18/2023American K-9 Private InvestigatorsMAUSA
Michael N TacheJasper05/18/2023American K-9 Private InvestigatorsMAUSA
Matt PassinoLouise09/21/2023K9 Bed Bug HunterMIUSA
Sarah RodeheaverBenny09/21/2023K9 Bed Bug HunterMIUSA
Crystalyn AlcalaGracie09/20/2023Pronto Pest MIUSA
Jaime AlcalaLulu09/21/2023Pronto Pest MIUSA
Lily BrennemanGracie09/21/2023Pronto Pest MIUSA
Mark FountainPoncho09/20/2023Pronto Pest MIUSA
Mark FountainStar09/20/2023Pronto Pest MIUSA
Tiffany LuebsLulu09/20/2023Pronto Pest MIUSA
Travis FetterolfStar09/21/2023Pronto Pest MIUSA
Tricia AlcalaLulu09/20/2023Pronto Pest MIUSA
Benjamin GoodwinObie09/22/2023Rose PestMIUSA
Jayna HiffnerKramer09/22/2023Rose PestMIUSA
Jenny HoggeNova09/22/2023Rose PestMIUSA
Kelsey AnolickArchie09/22/2023Rose PestMIUSA
Lisa HofstraCash09/22/2023Rose PestMIUSA
Melanie UferBuggs09/22/2023Rose PestMIUSA
Monica GrussWilly09/22/2023Rose PestMIUSA
Sarah GinevanHawkeye09/22/2023Rose PestMIUSA
Wendi StullerPip09/22/2023Rose PestMIUSA
Penny L. RussellLilo04/15/2024Sparrow HospitalMIUSA
Benjamin RoarkBonnie02/22/2024Bug Out PestNCUSA
Benjamin StegallBella02/22/2024Bug Out PestNCUSA
Benjamin StegallBonnie02/22/2024Bug Out PestNCUSA
Eric FugeeBella02/22/2024Bug Out PestNCUSA
Chris PriceOllie10/05/2023Find It K9 DetectionNCUSA
Cara GuikemaClover09/21/2023Barker St. DetectivesNEUSA
Jeremy JoslynLilly10/04/2023Kounty K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesNHUSA
Keith MacKenzieMandy10/04/2023Kounty K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesNHUSA
Keith MacKenzieRipple10/04/2023Kounty K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesNHUSA
Kristy MacKenzieLeigh10/04/2023Kounty K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesNHUSA
Eric SchulzCassie09/14/2023Anchor Pest ControlNJUSA
Frank EmroCassie09/14/2023Anchor Pest ControlNJUSA
Frank EmroRosie09/14/2023Anchor Pest ControlNJUSA
Gabriel CorderoCassie09/14/2023Anchor Pest ControlNJUSA
Gabriel CorderoRosie09/14/2023Anchor Pest ControlNJUSA
Jared OrtizCassie09/14/2023Anchor Pest ControlNJUSA
Jared OrtizRosie09/14/2023Anchor Pest ControlNJUSA
Tom CerezoHoney04/18/2024Dog Team 6NJUSA
Eric MillerMaggie02/27/2024Express Bed Bug InspectionNJUSA
Eric MillerMocha02/27/2024Express Bed Bug InspectionNJUSA
Kevin SkinnerChip09/28/2023A & C Pest ManagementNYUSA
Joseph KalloBugsy10/05/2023Dial A Bug Pest ControlNYUSA
Diana LudwiczakEcko10/04/2023Doctor SniffsNYUSA
Diana LudwiczakGoosey10/04/2023Doctor SniffsNYUSA
Diana LudwiczakSouthy10/04/2023Doctor SniffsNYUSA
Richard ContiEcko10/04/2023Doctor SniffsNYUSA
Richard ContiGoosey10/04/2023Doctor SniffsNYUSA
Richard ContiSouthy10/04/2023Doctor SniffsNYUSA
Jenine WechFletcher04/15/2024FLX Dog LLCNYUSA
Donna DrabekBeverly09/21/2023JC EhrlichNYUSA
Glen WheelockMatcha10/04/2023M & M Pest ControlNYUSA
Herbert YanMika10/05/2023M & M Pest ControlNYUSA
Jason ChanSunny12/07/2023M & M Pest ControlNYUSA
Anthony HoahngSnoop10/04/2023Synergy Scent / Colony Pest ManagementNYUSA
Anthony HoahngSynergy09/14/2023Synergy Scent / Colony Pest ManagementNYUSA
Isa MuhammadSnoop09/14/2023Synergy Scents / Colony Pest ManagementNYUSA
Isa MuhammadSynergy09/14/2023Synergy Scents / Colony Pest ManagementNYUSA
Nick HamerDuke Silver04/15/2024Bed Bug InspectorOHUSA
Nick HamerPixel04/15/2024Bed Bug InspectorOHUSA
Nick HamerRoxi04/15/2024Bed Bug InspectorOHUSA
Jennifer HawksDuncan04/15/2024Buckeye Bedbug OHUSA
Macy JohnsonPanera04/15/2024Buckeye Bedbug OHUSA
Morgan JohnsonDuncan04/15/2024Buckeye Bedbug OHUSA
Kelly RobbinsCorporal Chaco04/15/2024Four Paws K9 DetectionOHUSA
Kelly RobbinsScandal-Reaux04/15/2024Four Paws K9 DetectionOHUSA
Kelly RobbinsZiggy04/15/2024Four Paws K9 DetectionOHUSA
Kevin MongDixie10/11/2023Militerriers, Inc & M2 Bed BugsOHUSA
Kevin MongScamp10/11/2023Militerriers, Inc & M2 Bed BugsOHUSA
Mike PoseyDixie10/11/2023Militerriers, Inc & M2 Bed BugsOHUSA
Mike PoseyTaz04/15/2024Militerriers, Inc & M2 Bed BugsOHUSA
Reene Whitson GonzalezMiah10/11/2023Militerriers, Inc & M2 Bed BugsOHUSA
Gary JohnstonZeb04/06/2023Sleep Tight Bed Bug ControlOHUSA
Jason WebeckBluto10/12/2023Good Night Sleep TightPAUSA
Jason WebeckDiego10/12/2023Good Night Sleep TightPAUSA
Robert MullinsBluto10/12/2023Good Night Sleep TightPAUSA
Robert MullinsDiego10/12/2023Good Night Sleep TightPAUSA
Joanne ScioliArthur10/05/2023JBS Inspection ServicesPAUSA
Joanne ScioliTara12/07/2023JBS Inspection ServicesPAUSA
Natasha DoucetteArthur10/05/2023JBS Inspection ServicesPAUSA
Charles MaasCooper09/28/2023K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAUSA
Jeanne ArnoldCooper09/28/2023K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAUSA
Jeanne ArnoldOslo09/28/2023K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAUSA
Nicolas ArnoldOslo09/28/2023K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAUSA
Peter ArnoldOslo09/28/2023K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesPAUSA
Joann DeLucia-CurtisDaisy09/28/2023Key K9PAUSA
Joann DeLucia-CurtisFinn09/28/2023Key K9PAUSA
Monica DeluciaGritty12/07/2023Key K9PAUSA
Monica DeluciaPorter10/05/2023Key K9PAUSA
Bethany Van BrownCalvin12/07/2023Sniffin' PhillyPAUSA
Bethany Van BrownHobbes12/07/2023Sniffin' PhillyPAUSA
Denise PattonB.G.05/31/2023Dakota Bedbug DetectionSDUSA
Denise PattonBindi05/03/2024Dakota Bedbug DetectionSDUSA
Greg PattonBo05/31/2023Dakota Bedbug DetectionSDUSA
Amanda JerowBilly04/18/2024JC Ehrlich Pest ControlVAUSA
Amanda JerowMocha04/18/2024JC Ehrlich Pest ControlVAUSA
David WilliamsEllie04/18/2024JC Ehrlich Pest ControlVAUSA
David WilliamsLucy10/04/2023JC Ehrlich Pest ControlVAUSA
David WilliamsMaggie10/04/2023JC Ehrlich Pest ControlVAUSA
Jamirelis TorresRoxie10/05/2023Unique Pest ManagementVAUSA
Scott LindnerNordi09/20/2023K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesWIUSA
Tina LindnerNordi10/11/2023K9 Bed Bug Detection ServicesWIUSA
Gentina PattonBleu05/03/2024Madison Bedbug DetectionWIUSA
Laura TotisBeanie09/21/2023Scenting Dogs LLCWVUSA